Human Decomposer Body Plastination

Meiwo science human decomposer body plastination for body world plastination and exhibit clearly shows two parts of head, abdmen -thorax, upper limb and lower limb.

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Human Decomposer Body Plastination


n  The head is divided into two parts, above upper jaw goes upwards

n  The chest and abdomen are divided into three sections, and the chest, abdomen and basin are separated   separately.

n  The upper extremity shows the radial artery, median nerve, ulnar nerve, superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve, cephalic vein, basilic vein, median vein of elbow, median vein of forearm, dorsal venous network of hand, medial brachial cutaneous nerve, medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve, lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve, superficial branch of the radial nerve, palmar branch of ulnar nerve, palmar arch and its branches, common palmar digital nerves, proper palmar digital nerves.

n  The lower extremities showed 5 branches of the great saphenous veins, femoral nerve, anterior cutaneous branch, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, anterior femoral cutaneous   branch, infrapatellar branch, saphenous nerve, great saphenous vein, superficial peroneal nerve, intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve of foot, medial cutaneous nerve of the foot, the lateral cutaneous nerve of the foot, the dorsal vein network, inferior cluneal nerves, posterior femoral cutaneous nerve, tibial nerve, the common peroneal nerve, lateral sural cutaneous nerve, medial sural cutaneous nerve, the sural nerve and small saphenous vein.

n  The testis, epididymis and penis in vitro


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Silicone   rubber


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2   years


Express,   by air, by sea, etc.

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