New Human Organ: Mesentery

Do you know that the mesentery is also a human organ? I was amazed when I first knew this. In my sense, the mesentery is just a film that is used to suspend and fix a film of the intestine. A scientist from Ireland said that "the mesentery is not a fragmented complex structure, it is a continuous and complete organ." He pointed out that the mesentery consists of five subdivisions: small intestinal mesentery, transverse mesocolon, mesosigmoid, right mesocolon and mesorectum.


Mesenteric structure


From this human organ specimen we can see the mesentery plastination, which is located between the intestine and other organs to protect our organs. Nowadays, the functional structure of the mesentery in human anatomy is still not perfect, but with the development of anatomy and medicine, the functional structure of the mesentery will gradually become clear. Maybe a new medical discipline is about to be born.


Human Whole Viscera Plastinated Organs