Plastinated Human Body Display

Plastinated Human Body Display

Facial nerve and its branches plastinated body sections clearly shows temporal branches, rami zygomatici, parotid duct, buccal branches, marginal mandibular branch, cervical branch, masseter, orbicularis oculi muscle, buccinator, parotid gland, etc.

Plastinated Human Body Display

Digestive system plastination anatomy

1.General arrangement of the digestive system——The whole digestive tract,including the digestive tube and digestive glands.

digestive system body plastination

2.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach duodenum and kidneys——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

3.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach and duodenum——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach duodenum

Plastinated Human Body Display

Placenta human plastinated body shows umbilical cord, etc.

Placenta human plastinated body

Fetus plastinated body clearly shows development of the fetus from third to seven month

Fetus plastinated body