Body Plastination Exhibit Uk

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Meiwo science is a China leader company for plastinated body, meiwo plastinated body shows the whole structure of human body clearly, meiwo has obtained the highly spoken from medical professors and students. 

Body Plastination Exhibit Uk

Female perineum include male organs plastinated body as teaching aids clearly shows:

Perineum include female organs
Muscle of abdomen (lower part)
Deep muscles of abdomen
Female reproductive organ (uterus,
vagina, ovaries, ligaments, veins,
Muscles of upper part of thigh
Organ of pelvis

Female perineum include male organs plastinated body

Body Plastination Exhibit Uk

Superficial dissection of upper limb body plastination clearly shows:


2.Pectoralis major

3.Biceps brachii


5.Triceps brachii

6.Teres major


8.Teres minor

9.Latissimus dorsi

10.Flexor carpi radialis

11.Palmaris longus

12.Flexor carpi ulnaris

13.Extensor digitorum

14.Extensor carpi ulnaris

15.Posterior antebrachial cutaneous n.

16.Abductor pollicis brevis

17.Flexor digiti minimi brevis


19.Dorsal interossei

20.Medial brachial cutaneous n.

21.Ulnar n.

22.Median n.

23.Superior lateral brachial cutaneous n.

24.Inferior lateral brachial cutaneous n.

25.Dorsal branch of ulnar

26.Radial n. superficial branch

27.Ulnar n. superficial branch

28.Common Palmar digital n.

29.Superficial palmar arch


31.Cephalic vein

32.Median cubital vein

33.Basilic vein

34.Dorsal venous rete of hand

superficial dissection of upper limb body plastination