Body Plastination Factories

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Meiwo science is a China leader company for plastinated body, meiwo plastinated body shows the whole structure of human body clearly, meiwo has obtained the highly spoken from medical professors and students. 

Body Plastination Factories

Placenta human plastinated body shows umbilical cord, etc.

Placenta human plastinated body

Fetus plastinated body clearly shows development of the fetus from third to seven month

Fetus plastinated body


Body Plastination Factories

Human liver plastination specimen clearly shows:

1.Right lobe of liver

2.Left lobe of liver

3.Falciform ligament of liver

4.Ligamentum teres hepatis

5.Right coronary lig.

6.Left coronary lig.

7.Caudate lobe

8.Inferior vena cava

9.Hepatic portal v.

10.Proper hepatic a.


liver plastination specimen