Body Plastination On Discover

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The painter plastination body shows he composing of nervous system of human body. Brain and spinal cord constitute the central system;they are located in the skull cavity and the vertebra canal respectively.12pairs of cranial nerves connecting to brain and 31 pairs of spinal nerves connecting to spinal cord spread all over the whole body and compose a large nervous net,constitute the peripheral nervous system with visceral nerve.

painter body plastination

Body Plastination On Discover

Half head plastination dissected sagittally, includes the whole neck and 1st rib.Those parts have been removed: the lateral wall of the cranial cavity, the zygomatic arch and the mandible.

Half head plastination

Half head plastination specimen cut sagittally.superficial dissection displays the muscles of facial expressions,arteries and nerves and the salivatory glands from the lateral aspect.Neck shows the structures within its triangles.


Body Plastination On Discover

Human liver plastination specimen clearly shows:

1.Right lobe of liver

2.Left lobe of liver

3.Falciform ligament of liver

4.Ligamentum teres hepatis

5.Right coronary lig.

6.Left coronary lig.

7.Caudate lobe

8.Inferior vena cava

9.Hepatic portal v.

10.Proper hepatic a.


liver plastination specimen