Body Plastination Sculptures

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The female pregnant anatomy body plastination for body world plastination exhibition cleadrly shows the superficial muscles and breast.  Opened the abdominal wall, shows the digestive organs as liver,stomach and intestine ect, female reproductive system in pelvic cavity. As the conception and development of fetus are completed in female body, the major reproductive organs are in vivo, such as uterus, ovary,fallopian tube and vagina, pudendum and mammary gland which is an accessory genital organ lie on the surface of body.

female pregnant anatomy body plastination

Body Plastination Sculptures

Mediastinal organs and diaphragm plastination shows the thorax with large openings on each side.The lungs are removed to show the organs of mediastinum, with cut of the upper part of the abdominal wall. It also includes the diaphragm.

Mediastinal organs and diaphragm plastination

Body Plastination Sculptures

Human liver plastination specimen clearly shows:

1.Right lobe of liver

2.Left lobe of liver

3.Falciform ligament of liver

4.Ligamentum teres hepatis

5.Right coronary lig.

6.Left coronary lig.

7.Caudate lobe

8.Inferior vena cava

9.Hepatic portal v.

10.Proper hepatic a.


liver plastination specimen