Human Whole Body Plastination

Human Whole plastination' target='_blank'>Body Plastination

Plastinated body ginkomed for plastinated body exhibit clearly shows one side of the whole body joint shows the temporomandibular joint, the sternoclavicular joint, the shoulder joint, retain biceps tendon, the elbow joint, the pronator quadratus, the interosseous membrane of forearm, the hand joint, the hip joint, retain sartorius muscle, the knee joint, the crural interosseous membrane, foot joint. The other side shows the sternocleidomastoid, temporomandibular joint, sternoclavicular joint, intercostal muscle, shoulder joint, biceps brachii, elbow joint, pronator quadratus, forearm interosseous membrane, hand joint, hip joint, retain iliopsoas, sartorius muscle, rectus femoris, knee joint, crural interosseous membrane, foot joint.

Human Whole Body Plastination

Placenta human plastinated body shows umbilical cord, etc.

Placenta human plastinated body

Fetus plastinated body clearly shows development of the fetus from third to seven month

Fetus plastinated body


Human Whole Body Plastination

Muscles of the trunk human body plastination clearly shows:



3.Teres Minor

4.Teres Major

5.Long Head of Triceps Brachii

6.Latissimas Dorsi

7.Obliquus Externus Abdominis

8.Serratus Posterior Superior




12.Serratus Posterior Inferior

13.Gluteus Maximus

muscles of trunk human body plastination