Korean Body Plastination

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Orbital nerve(top view) plastinated body parts for plastinated body parts for teaching anatomy clearly shows supraorbital nerve, superior oblique muscle, infratrochlear nerve, supratrochlear nerve, levator palpebrae superioris, trochlear nerve, optic nerve, internal carotid nerve, abducent nerve, oculomotor nerve, trigeminal ganglion, lacrimal gland, lacrimal nerve, superior rectus, infraorbital nerve, frontal nerve, nasociliary nerve, ocular nerve, maxillary nerve, mandibular nerve, trigeminal nerve, etc.

Korean Body Plastination

Placenta human plastinated body shows umbilical cord, etc.

Placenta human plastinated body

Fetus plastinated body clearly shows development of the fetus from third to seven month

Fetus plastinated body


Korean Body Plastination

Double lungs without heart plastination specimen as medical teaching aids shows:


2.Apex of right lung

3.Right principal bronchus

4.Left principal bronchus

5.Superior lobe of right lung

6.Horizontal fissure

7.Middle lobe of right lung

8.Oblique fissure

9.Inferior lobe of right lung

10.Apex of left lung

11.Superior lobe of left lung

12.Inferior lobe of left lung

heart and lung plastination specimen