Body Plastinated Specimens

Body Plastinated Specimens

Human whole body plastinated specimens showing the beauty of muscle strength and human body, the body plastinated specimens are awesome for plastination museum in medical university.

Body Plastinated Specimens

Female perineum include male organs plastinated body as teaching aids clearly shows:

Perineum include female organs
Muscle of abdomen (lower part)
Deep muscles of abdomen
Female reproductive organ (uterus,
vagina, ovaries, ligaments, veins,
Muscles of upper part of thigh
Organ of pelvis

Female perineum include male organs plastinated body

Body Plastinated Specimens

Muscles of the trunk human body plastination clearly shows:



3.Teres Minor

4.Teres Major

5.Long Head of Triceps Brachii

6.Latissimas Dorsi

7.Obliquus Externus Abdominis

8.Serratus Posterior Superior




12.Serratus Posterior Inferior

13.Gluteus Maximus

muscles of trunk human body plastination