Human Whole Body Plastinated Specimens

Human Whole Body Plastinated Specimens

Meiwo plastinated body part muscles of trunk for anatomy teaching clearly shows the all muscles of trunk, the plastinated body is nontoxic, without a stronge irritating odor, and has long lifetime in the anatomy lab,  the plastinated body parts improves the effectiveness of classroom teaching with its greatly advantage, it is liked by the majority of medical teachers and students.

Human Whole Body Plastinated Specimens

Digestive system plastination anatomy

1.General arrangement of the digestive system——The whole digestive tract,including the digestive tube and digestive glands.

digestive system body plastination

2.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach duodenum and kidneys——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

3.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach and duodenum——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach duodenum

Human Whole Body Plastinated Specimens

Muscles of the trunk human body plastination clearly shows:



3.Teres Minor

4.Teres Major

5.Long Head of Triceps Brachii

6.Latissimas Dorsi

7.Obliquus Externus Abdominis

8.Serratus Posterior Superior




12.Serratus Posterior Inferior

13.Gluteus Maximus