Expo Plastination Bruxelles

Expo Plastination Bruxelles

Whole body plastination specimen for plastination exhibit clearly shows:

2.Head and neck
Sagittal section of head
Deep Dissection : facial nerve ,muscles, arteries , veins,
and facial main structures, and also the
anterior triangle are display and also show the nerve,
arteries , veins and main structure.(Right side)
3.Thorax, abdomen and pelvis
Dissection of the trunk reveals the relationships of bones
, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.
Presentation of the thoracic and abdominal cavities is
permitted by reflecting the thoraco-abdominal wall with a
frontal cut,as if opening a door,
All organs of the thorax and abdomen are well exposed
and are presented in situ,
All the pelvic organs show it. Both the perineal structures
and the external genital organs will be dissected.
4.Back. Showing the vertebral column, spinal cord, and
spinal nerve.and also different layer of mucles.
Deep dissection: left lower limb, show the deep muscles,
with main arteries and nerves and veins, and also show the
locomotive system such as joints and ligaments.
Superfical dissection: right lower limb, show the superficial
muscles, with main arteries and nerves and veins, open
6.The body should be colored.


Expo Plastination Bruxelles

Half head plastination dissected sagittally, includes the whole neck and 1st rib.Those parts have been removed: the lateral wall of the cranial cavity, the zygomatic arch and the mandible.

half head and neck plastination

Half head plastination specimen cut sagittally.superficial dissection displays the muscles of facial expressions,arteries and nerves and the salivatory glands from the lateral aspect.Neck shows the structures within its triangles.

half head muscle plastination specimen


Expo Plastination Bruxelles

Head plastination shows the parapharyngeal region. Pharynx is opened from rear side. Common carotid artery with main branches. Nerves of the neck included.

half head plastination

Half head plastination specimen cut sagittally. From the lateral aspect dissection of the deep facial and retromandibular regions, Dissection of the orbit from the front and above. Combined dissection of the structures and organs of the neck

half head and lateral