Plastination Exposition 2018

Plastination Exposition 2018

Superficial palmar arch China meiwo plastination clearly shows radial artery, ulnar artery, superficial palmar arch, common palmar digital arteries, proper palmar digital artery, lumbrical, abductor pollicis brevis, abductor digiti minimi, etc.

Plastination Exposition 2018

Digestive system plastination anatomy

1.General arrangement of the digestive system——The whole digestive tract,including the digestive tube and digestive glands.

digestive system plastination anatomy

2.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach duodenum and kidneys——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

3.Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach and duodenum——In situ, dissected to show the relevant organs and position relationship.

Liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach?and duodenum plastination


Plastination Exposition 2018

Mediastinal organs and diaphragm plastination shows the thorax with large openings on each side.The lungs are removed to show the organs of mediastinum, with cut of the upper part of the abdominal wall. It also includes the diaphragm.

Mediastinal organs and diaphragm plastination

Mediastinal organs and diaphragm plastination specimen