Body Plastination Germany

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Plastination body joint for plastination exhibition and body worlds plastination displays One side of the whole body joint shows the temporomandibular joint, the sternoclavicular joint, the shoulder joint, retain biceps tendon, the elbow joint, the pronator quadratus, the interosseous membrane of forearm, the hand joint, the hip joint, retain sartorius muscle, the knee joint, the crural interosseous membrane, foot joint. The other side shows the sternocleidomastoid, temporomandibular joint, sternoclavicular joint, intercostal muscle, shoulder joint, biceps brachii, elbow joint, pronator quadratus, forearm interosseous membrane, hand joint, hip joint, retain iliopsoas, sartorius muscle, rectus femoris, knee joint, crural interosseous membrane, foot joint.

Body Plastination Germany

Popliteal region plastination specimen from Meiwo science shows combined superficial and deep muscles dissection. Arteries and nerves dissection, knee joint intact, etc.

Popliteal region plastination

Popliteal region plastination specimen

Body Plastination Germany

Elbow Joint plastination shows ligaments. The capsule of the joint is opened. 

Elbow Joint plastination