China Body Plastination

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What is the plastination technique

Plastination is a special technique with which people can preserve biological tissue as it is alive. The high-tech solid preservation method has all the advantages of traditional preservation methods and discards their deficiencies, so it overwhelms all the other methods. In this technique, a vacuum physical process is applied, the water and fat in biological tissue are replaced by high-molecular polymers such as silicone rubber, epoxy resin and polyester resin through an impregnation process. The finished animal specimens are non-toxic, odorless, dry, resilient, portable and durable, without the requirement for special maintenance or protection. In addition, they can not only keep the original shape and appearance of the animals(fur, etc.) but also show their interior structure, vividly presenting the various postures of animals as they are alive.

China Body Plastination

Male pelvis and hip joints ligaments plastination shows whole pelvis, ligament dissection Includes both hip joints.Inguinal ligament, Arcus iliopectineus,membrana obturatoria.All ligaments of the posterior aspect,Includes hip joint ligaments. 

Male pelvis and hip joints ligaments plastination

China Body Plastination

Human shoulder Joint plastination specimen clearly shows ligaments and the capsule of the joint is opened.

shoulder joint plastination specimen