The Human Body Plastination

The Human plastination' target='_blank'>Body Plastination

Horizontal section of optic chiasma through eyeball plastinated body parts for plasticized body exhibit and plastination museum clearly shows tarsal plate, conjunctival sac, ciliary body, sclera, pupil, cornea, anterior chamber, vitreous body , optic nerve, nasal septum, nasal cavity, medial rectus, external rectus muscle, etc. Awesome plastinated body parts for medical education. 

The Human Body Plastination

The football player plastinated human body specimen absolutely displays the composing of circulation system of human body. The circulatory system comprises the heart, artery, capillary and vein. This specimen mainly displays heart and the whole body arteries. Removed anterior wall of the chest and abdominal, majority lung tissue have been removed, displays clearly the arteries of heart and lungs. Opened the stomach wall and majority of intestine have been removed to display clearly arteries rete of abdominal cavity.

plastinated human body specimen

The Human Body Plastination

Whole Body Plastinates dissection showing:

1. Material selection is made with intact undissected corpse material.
2.Material is silicone rubber and its auxiliary chemical products , passed the international SGS certification.
4, men, young adults, muscular.
5, the head is divided into two parts, the upper jaw upward.
6, chest and abdomen is divided into three segments, chest, abdomen,pelvis separately.
7.The upper limbs show  brachial artery, median nerve, ulnar nerve, superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve, cephalic vein, basilic vein, median cubital vein, venae mediana antebrachii, retia venosum dorsale manus, medial brachial cutaneous nerve, medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve, lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve, superficial branch of radial nerve, palmar branch of ulnar nerve, superficial palmar arch with its branches, common palmar digital nerves, nervi digitales volares proprii,
8, the lower limb shows the five branches of the great saphenous vein, femoral nerve, anterior cutaneous branch, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, anterior femoral cutaneous branch, infratemporal branch, saphenous nerve, great saphenous vein, superficial peroneal nerve, midfoot cutaneous nerve The dorsal medial cutaneous nerve, the dorsal lateral cutaneous nerve, the dorsal vein network, the gluteal inferior cutaneous nerve, the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve, the tibial nerve, the common peroneal nerve, the sural cutaneous nerve, the medial cutaneous nerve, and the sural nerve Small saphenous veins.
Relationship between free testicular epididymis and penis.
9. The posture and amplitude of the movement are accurate and the facial expression is naturally harmonious. Good anatomy.
10. The specimen base is stable with stainless steel plates and can be naturally erected.
11. plastic specimens of natural color, degreasing and dehydration thoroughly.

whole body plastinates dissection