Cost Of Plastinated Specimen

Cost Of Plastinated Specimen

Separation of the human skull bone(with stainless steel stent) for medical education clearly shows the 23bones are reassembled by stainless steel frame or covered with an organic glass. Awesome for studying every structure of human skull bone.

Cost Of Plastinated Specimen

Blood vessels plastinated speciments upper limb for medical education and research clearly shows: 

1.Superficial comprehensive dissection of the upper limb——Superficial dissected to show the superficial muscles, main arteries, blood vessels and nerves of the upper limb.

2.Deep comprehensive dissection of theupper limb——Dissected to show the deep muscles, nerves, blood vessels and main arteries of the upper limb.

3.Deep muscles of the upper limb——Dissected to show the deep muscles of the upper limb.

4.Superficial and deep combined dissection of the upper limb——Superficial and deep dissected of the whole upper limb to show the muscles ,nerves, blood vessels and main arteries.

Superficial dissection plastinated specimen upper limb

deel blood vessel plastinated specimen upper limb

Cost Of Plastinated Specimen

Meiwo full body plastinated specimens for medical education and plastination exhibits shows the structure of the nervous system is very complicated, which is the key and difficult point in the teaching of anatomy.The specimen with partial muscles supported by the skeleton systemically Removal of other tissues and structures, focusing on the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, is a comprehensive, systematic study and understanding of the nervous system.

full body plastinated specimens