Plastinated Specimens Buy

Plastinated Specimens Buy

Superficial lower extremity nerve human plastinated specimen for medical plastination museum clearly shows femoral nerve, nervi cutaneus dorsalis intermedius pedis, saphenous nerve, anterior branch of obturator nerve, musculi vastus intermedius, gracilis muscle, infrapatellar branch, deep peroneal nerve, cutaneous dorsalis medialis nerve, common peroneal nerve, etc.

Plastinated Specimens Buy

Meiwo science pathology plastinated specimens includes lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer etc common diseases for medical teaching, nontoxic, durable and can be touched directly by teachers and students. Meiwo science plastinated specimens makes medical study easy as teaching aids.

lung pathology plastinated specimens

breast cancer plastinated specimen

Plastinated Specimens Buy

Human foot plastinated specimen shows:

1.Superficial muscles of the foot——Dissected to show the superficial muscles of the foot.

foot plastinated specimen of human

2.Deep muscles of the foot——Dissected to show the deep muscles of the foot.

3.Deep comprehensive dissection of the foot——Dissected to show the deep muscles, nerves and main arteries of the foot.

foot plastinated specimen

4.Synovial sheaths of the foot——Dissected to show the synovial sheaths of tendons and fascial spaces of the foot.