Plastinated Specimens In India

Plastinated Specimens In India

Human superficial vascular nerves of head and neck plastianted specimen clearly shows superficial temporal artery, auriculotemporal nerve, temporal branches, rami zygomatici, marginal mandibular branch, facial artery, facial vein, cervical branch, occipital nerve, great auricular nerve, transverse nerve of neck, accessory nerve, supraclavicular nerve, lateral jugular vein , sternocleidomastoid muscle, masseter muscle, orbicularis muscle, zygomaticus major, etc.

Plastinated Specimens In India

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1.Deep muscles of the hand——Dissected to show the deep muscles of the hand.

deep muscles of hand plastinated specimen

2.Superficial comprehensive dissection of the hand——Dissected to show the superficial muscles,nerves and main arteries.

superficial hand plastinated specimen

3.Deep comprehensive dissection of the hand——Dissected to show the deep muscles nerves and main arteries.

4.Synovial sheaths of the hand——Dissected to show the synovial sheaths of tendons and fascial spaces of the hand.

Plastinated Specimens In India

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1. Meiwo all anatomical specimens derive from body donors who voluntarily donate their bodies to future generations for medical education.

2. Meiwo plastination only charge for the plastinating/preserving the specimens, not for the anatomical specimens themselves.

3. Meiwo plastination is only available to medical education and research institutions.

spine plastinated specimen