Plastinated Human Heart

Plastinated Human Heart

Plastinated human bodies dissection for plastinated human body exhibit clearly shows neck: pharynx, esophagus, larynx (middle saggital cut open), part of laryngeal cartilage and cricothyroid muscle, trachea, thyroid.

Chest cavity: right lungs, left side of the bronchial tree; Pericardial incision, right ventricular window display column, papillary muscles and chordae tendineae and atrioventricular valve.
Abdominal cavity: keep the liver, pancreas, stomach (keep the bottom of the stomach and pyloric), two kidney, adrenal gland, ureter, spleen, superior and inferior mesenteric artery, duodenum and ileum, caecum and the appendix, the ascending colon and descending colon (keep left and right) and the sigmoid colon, rectum and bladder (open above to show the bladder triangle)
Women: uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries

Male: testis, fallopian tube, seminal vesicle, the penis

Limbs : deep muscles, blood vessels, nerve

Keep diaphragm, iliacus and psoas major, small waist muscle and waist muscle, lumbar rib triangle.
Preserved renal vein and inferior vena cava, abdominal aorta, iliac arteries and veins, the relationship between the ureter and arteries.

Plastinated Human Heart

Meiwo plastinated human heart for sale is awesome for medical education, clearly shows right atrial appendage, left atrial appendage, ventricular septum, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, atrioventricular bundle, etc.

Plastinated Human Heart

Meiwo plastinated human cadaver specimens davantages:

1)Little irritation, getting rid of serious irritation because of intense immersion in formalin specimens and bad effect to human health and make the teaching more environmentally.

2)Can be hand-held with certain characteristics to facilitate teaching.

3)Clear structure. We can produce a teaching specimen of each system according to the teaching needs.

4)Vivid specimen, strong sense of reality.

5)Using recycled. It will be saving resources to ensure school teaching.

6)Long time using. An investment in the long term benefit.

7)Maintenance more convenient. laboratory technician can repair the specimens according to the instruction of products. Using water to clean the stain on the sample and dry in a cool and wind place.

In a word, plastinated specimens can improve human anatomy learning environment, increase interest in learning , eliminate fear of ordinary specimens, help to improve the quality of learning. but also avoid the pollution of the environment and physical damage. this study shows it is having an increasingly the greater effect because of introduction of plastination.