Plastinated Human Brains

Plastinated Human Brains

Deep muscles of mastication plastinated human specimen clearly shows temporalis, lateral pterygoid, medial pterygoid, buccinator, orbicularis oculi, levator labii superioris, zygomaticus minor, zygomaticus major, posterior belly of digastric, musculus sternocleidomastoideus, depressor labii inferioris, depressor anguli oris.

Plastinated Human Brains

Meiwo plastinated human brain for sale for anatomy teaching and plastinated human body exhibit shows central lobule, anterior quadrangular lobule, posterior quadrangular lobule, superior semilunar lobule,  folium vermis, pedunculus cerebellaris medius, nodule, cerebellar tonsil, vertebral bodies of lumbrukinase, biventral lobule, inferior semilunar lobule, etc.

Plastinated Human Brains

Meiwo plastinated human cadaver specimens davantages:

1)Little irritation, getting rid of serious irritation because of intense immersion in formalin specimens and bad effect to human health and make the teaching more environmentally.

2)Can be hand-held with certain characteristics to facilitate teaching.

3)Clear structure. We can produce a teaching specimen of each system according to the teaching needs.

4)Vivid specimen, strong sense of reality.

5)Using recycled. It will be saving resources to ensure school teaching.

6)Long time using. An investment in the long term benefit.

7)Maintenance more convenient. laboratory technician can repair the specimens according to the instruction of products. Using water to clean the stain on the sample and dry in a cool and wind place.

In a word, plastinated specimens can improve human anatomy learning environment, increase interest in learning , eliminate fear of ordinary specimens, help to improve the quality of learning. but also avoid the pollution of the environment and physical damage. this study shows it is having an increasingly the greater effect because of introduction of plastination.