Body Plastination Germany

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Spinal cord in vitro body works plastination for medical education and body works exhibit shows spinal dura mater, spinal arachnoid, cervical enlargement, lumbosacral enlargement, cauda equina, terminal filament, anterior root, posterior root, spinal ganglia, denticulate ligament, etc.

Body Plastination Germany

Horizontal section of middle penis plasticized body parts for sale as medical teaching aids shows the position relationship between the bloods of penis and deep fascia,superficialis fascia, skin, corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum penis, urethra, etc.

Horizontal section of middle penis plasticized body parts

Body Plastination Germany

Half head plastination dissected sagittally, includes the whole neck and 1st rib.Those parts have been removed: the lateral wall of the cranial cavity, the zygomatic arch and the mandible.

Half head plastination?dissected sagittally,

Half head plastination specimen cut sagittally.superficial dissection displays the muscles of facial expressions,arteries and nerves and the salivatory glands from the lateral aspect.Neck shows the structures within its triangles.

Half head plastination specimen cut sagittally