Fencing Body Plastinated Specimen

Meiwo fencing body plastinated specimen shows head and neck, upper limb and lower limb.


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Fencing Body Plastinated Specimen


n  The head and neck show the branches of the facial nerve (temporal branches, rami zygomatici,buccal branches, marginal mandibular branch, strong branch), facial transverse artery, superficial temporal artery,  auriculotemporal nerve, occipital artery, greater occipital nerve, facial artery, internal carotid, auricular nerve, lesser occipital nerve, cervical transverse nerve, lingual artery, superior laryngeal artery, superior thyroid artery, external carotid artery, accessory nerve, supraclavicular nerve, superficial branch, transverse cervical artery, external jugular vein, facial vein, superficial temporal vein, retromandibular vein, anterior jugular vein, parotid gland and submandibular gland.

n  The chest and back of the trunk shows the anterior cutaneous branches, lateral cortex, the medial cortex, the superior gluteal and medial gluteal cutaneous nerves and muscles, and the pectoralis major muscle is padded. The abdomen opens the aponeurosis in the shape of oval and shows the tendinous intersection and rectus abdominis

n  The upper extremity shows the brachial artery, median nerve, ulnar nerve, superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve, medial brachial cutaneous nerve, medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm, lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm, superficial branch of radial nerve, palmar branch of the ulnar nerve, superficial palmar arch and its branches, common palmar digital nerves   and proper palmar digital nerves.

n  The lower extremities showed 5 branches of the great saphenous veins, femoral nerve, anterior cutaneous branch, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, anterior   femoral cutaneous branch, infrapatellar branch, saphenous nerve, great saphenous vein, superficial peroneal nerve, intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve of foot, medial cutaneous nerve of the foot, the lateral cutaneous nerve of the foot, the dorsal vein network, inferior cluneal nerves, posterior femoral cutaneous nerve,    tibial nerve, the common peroneal nerve, lateral sural cutaneous nerve, medial sural cutaneous nerve, the sural nerve and small saphenous vein.

n  The testis, epididymis and penis in vitro


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